Party Stews and Sauces


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    Prepared with spinach, uwgu and stir fried in peppers, spices and palm oil. Garnished with an assortment of beef, smoked turkey, stockfish, cray fish, kpomo and tripe.Served in party/event portion
    • Prepared with fresh Ugwu and cooked in peppers and vegetable oil. It comes with mixed meats, fish, smoked turkey and crayfish. Best enjoyed with pounded yam or other “swallow” dishes. It comes with mixed meats, smoked turkey and fish. Served in party / event protion
    Blended mixture of green and red peppers and chillies fried in palm oil and ‘iru’ (fermented melon seeds). Garnished generously with bite size chunks of beef, cow foot, kpomo and tripe. Works very well with white / ofada rice, Yam porridge. Served in party/event portion