Rice Dishes & Other Mains (Pack)


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    Sweet beans cooked in peppers, onions and palm oil. This is a vegetarian dish that can be served with fried plantain or jollof rice.
    White Rice. Plain boiled basmati rice. Great served with our stewed beef dish or stewed beans for a vegetarian alternative.
    Hugely popular party jollof rice is basmati rice cooked in peppers, tomatoes, herbs and spices. Perfect for hosting guest from any ethnicity. Incomplete without any of our meat or fish dishes and a side of plantain. Served in family portion
    Steamed black eyed beans. Contains egg and crafish. Pack of 10
    Prepared by cooking yam chunks in peppers and herbs. Served in family portion
    Stir fried basmati rice with vegetables. Served in family portion
    Fried plantain cubes with mini cuts of turkey gizzard, both served in our spicy chilli relish. Served in family/event packs